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Adding photos and creating galleries

So, you’ve come to the point where you’d like to change out the demo photos with your own. It’s a fairly simple process. NextGEN Galleries is very functional, very intuitive and is fun to use. You could just go to a page or post, add an Imagely Block and add photos but creating Galleries is much more flexible so that is how we will describe here. First thing is to go to your admin dashboard and hover over ‘NextGEN Gallery’. Click on the option ‘Add Gallery/Images’.

On the next page enter a name for your Gallery then click on ‘Create & Select’. Next Drag and Drop or Browse for the photos you wish to upload.

Next you’ll want to click on the ‘Upload # Files’ button at the bottom of your selected photos.

Once the upload is completed you should see a text box at the bottom right of the screen stating the successful upload of your photos.

You can add as many Galleries or Photos as you want. When you are finished head over to ‘Manage Galleries’ where you will find some other useful features. Such as adding watermarks, resizing images, etc. You can also delete Galleries on this screen. You will probably want to delete the demo galleries once you’ve got your own set up and showing on your front end to save on disk space.

Once you have created all the Galleries you need you can insert them into any number of pages you desire. Just log into your admin dashboard, click on ‘Pages’, and click on ‘Edit’ for the page you wish to insert your images. Then click on ‘Edit’ on the NextGEN block, if this is a new page just add the NextGEN block then click on edit. This will bring up the screen below where you can remove any demo image galleries and insert any that you have created. (If this is a new page don’t forget to add it to your sites menu) That’s it. You can do the same for any number of pages you wish. You’ll also notice that you can change the layout of the photos, upload images and manage galleries and albums all from the page edit screen. Go ahead and experiment until you get the layout you desire. Enjoy

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