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How to setup and use Albums

Albums give you a way to organize your photos even further. Follow along in our example to see how they would be helpful. You should first have setup your galleries as described in another tutorial. Use the link just below if you still need to setup your galleries.


Start by going to your admin dashboard, hover over ‘NextGEN Gallery’ and select ‘Manage Galleries’. This will bring you to the screen below. The galleries we created are listed here but no albums have been created so go ahead and type the name of your first album in the ‘Add New Album’ field then click on ‘Add’.

After you click on add you will get a screen similar to the one below. Now drag and drop any galleries you want from the ‘Select Gallery’ column into the the left column and click on the ‘Update’ button.

In our example we created an album called January then added three galleries to it. Next we are going to create another album called 2022 and move album January into it. So click on the top left field labelled ‘Select Album’ and choose ‘No Album Selected’. This will bring up the ‘Add New Album’ field again and type in the name you have chosen for this next level album. In our case we called it 2022. This will get you to a screen similar to the image below. Now we’ll just drag and drop the January album to the left hand column which is the album we have selected (2022) and click on ‘Update’. This will insert the January album into the 2022 album.

You should have a screen similar to the one below. There are no Galleries showing because we used them all in the January album. So you can see we can create more galleries and add albums for every month of 2022 and drop them all in the 2022 album. You can sort your images by date, by category, by locations, anything you can think of.

All you need to do from here is add the albums to the page or post you have created for them. Go ahead and experiment with it. If you create something you don’t like you can just delete it and start over. After you get used to it it is a fairly quick process. Enjoy

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