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Using NextGEN Pro to Monetize Your Photos

So, you’ve made the choice to monetize your photos. Well, you’ve come to the right place. NextGEN Ecommerce makes it an easy and fun task to sell your photos. Just follow along here to find out how.

From your admin dashboard, click on the green ecommerce icon to get started. First, we start off with ‘Ecommerce Options’ and ‘General Options’ You will be presented with the following form. Easy enough, just fill out the form. You can leave the pages as ‘Create New’ and the pages will be created using NextGEN’s default pages. Or if you prefer, you can create your own pages and select them here. Don’t forget to save your options.

Next is the Email tab. Nothing to do here unless you wish to change the email content.

Next is the ‘Payment Gateway’ tab. You will need to setup an account with one or more of the options here. You should research all options before deciding which to use. This is also where you would enable testing of the payment gateway.

Next is the print lab integration. This is where you would enter your credit card information for payments you make to the print lab for printing and shipping costs.

The next tab is for image proofing. You could leave this as is or make changes as you see fit.

Next, we’ll go to ‘Manage Pricelists’. You can either ‘Add New’ pricelist or edit the demo pricelist. You will probably setup several price lists depending on how many galleries you’ve created and how you want them priced. We’ll take a look at the ‘edit’ demo pricelist option first.

You can see that this pricelist just adds a few samples. You would click on ‘Add Product’ to add additional items to this list. Pretty simple. I would recommend just adding a new pricelist from scratch as we’ll see next.

The other option under ‘Manage Pricelists was the ‘Add New’ option which you’ll make good use of. Once you click on ‘Add New’ you will get an empty pricelist. Just click on ‘Add Product’ to get started and use any and all options you would like to make available to your customers. Self-explanatory. See 3rd image down for available options under ‘Add Product’. NextGEN is supposedly working on adding additional print shops. They only offer WHCC at this time. You’ll notice they have a good selection of prints, mounted prints and canvas already selected. Once you click on ‘Add Product’ on the selection page it will create the pricelist which includes cost and retail prices.

Our next menu item is ‘Manage Coupons’. This is self-explanatory as well. Just add your amount, dates and coupon code.

The next menu item is simply an order view screen. Clicking on a customer will take you to that customers check out page as shown.

The next menu item is simply a proof view option with a few samples.

Next go to ‘NextGEN Gallery’ > ‘Other Options’ and select NextGEN Pro Lightbox which contains the interface for adding items to a shopping cart.

Stay in the ‘NextGEN Gallery’ menu tab and select ‘Manage Galleries’. This is where we will choose a gallery to assign prices to. Go ahead and select the gallery you wish to work with. Then click on ‘Gallery Settings’ at the top of the screen to open up the options. Select the price list you created earlier. Make sure to save.

Next, we’ll need to assign the gallery to a page in the admin menu select pages. Then either select an existing page from the list or create a new page. Then it’s simply a matter of inserting the gallery you assigned the price list to, to the page and, as the 4th image below shows, select the gallery and the layout you would like to use. We only have the Sports Cars gallery, so we choose it, and we chose pro mosaic layout.

Next at the top of the window choose customize display settings and at the bottom set ‘enable ecommerce’ to yes. Finally click ‘Insert Gallery’. Publish then preview the completed page.

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