Signing Up For A New Site

Signing up for a new site is simple but some may get confused in the process. If you get stuck on something, no problem, just follow along here.

Click on the Sign-Up button at the top of every page. This will take you to the checkout form.

First choose the plan you want. Then input your email address. Input your password and confirm password. Then choose the site name you want. This will appear at the top of your home page. Then choose the URL, all lower case, no spaces. Usually the URL will be the same as the site name but you can name it something different.

Then scroll down, select your country and input your zip/postal code. Below that you will find all of the site templates, choose one.

After that you need to scroll down past all of the site templates and click on the ‘Checkout’ button.

After you choose a site template scroll all the way down to find the ‘Checkout button. Press that and you will be taken to the Stripe checkout page where you will input your payment info.

Once you click on ‘Subscribe’ you will be taken back to Dot.Photos where it will take a minute to complete the site and user creation. Once it completes you will have an option to go to your admin page or to the front end of your site. That’s it. Enjoy your new site.

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