Just wanted to jot down some thoughts on what’s going on. I updated many pages around the sites. The formatting and colors mostly. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I gave up on Minerva Knowledge Base and opted for Echo Knowledge Base. I did this because Minerva was causing JSON errors throughout the site and not letting me update things. The developers are in Ukraine and for the most part unavailable to work issues. I liked the software but I could go forward with it having that kind of issue. And it’s better to change over now rather than when I have a lot more articles in there. Which brings me to another point.

I finished up 3 articles this week (so far). Articles on The Home Page, The Community Page, and The Blog Page which includes posting from the frontend. I hope to finish a couple more articles this week as well, The Forum Page and The Knowledge Base Page. To finish off all the menu items on the site. That’s it for now, see ya next time.

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